Fist of Justice

The Fist of Justice is a comic series created by Mike Imboden and Ed Dukeshire.

Fist of Justice was the super-heroic defender of Charm City until he made a fatal mistake that ended his career. He threw in the towel and was locked away and soon forgotten. But his power -- though dormant -- did not leave him. Now it has returned and resurrected FOJ -- restoring him as defender of a city dealing with the new villains of the 21st century. Villains who are tougher, stronger, and meaner than ever.

Fist of Justice Pin-up
Pencilled by Bob Lefevre
Inked and Colored by L Jamal Walton
pages from Fist of Justice #5
Pencilled by Pow Rodriguez
Inked and Colored by L Jamal Walton