Thomas: Agent of Chaos

Art by Steve Musgrave
Writing, Logo, & Lettering by L Jamal Walton

Thomas: Agent of Chaos began life in Digital Webbing Presents #17 with the story Legacy. This was a Warmageddon story about a single mother raising 2 children (Thomas and Carl). It was written by Mike Imboden with art by Senkry Chhour.

Later, Mike and I wanted to do a series of comic strips for the back cover of the Warmageddon Quarterly magazine and Thomas: Son of Marcus was born (Marcus was Thomas's father, of course). This lasted for 2 strips (WQ#1 and WQ#2).

Even later, Musgrave and I dusted off the concept, did some redesigns on the characters, and put together 8 strips based upon the chaos caused by my 3 kids. Zuda came along and we changed the name to separate the concept from Warmageddon.