An Introduction

I am L Jamal Walton.  I'm an all-around comics guy, with the ability to create a comic from beginning to end. My experience encompasses everything in the comic making cycle from idea development to the final product. I write. I draw. I ink. I flat. I color. I letter. I do pre-press. I do post-press.
When it comes to comics - if you name it, I've probably done it, and at this point, chances are I've done it for myself many times, and have been paid to do it for others. I've made a lot of mistakes along the way, and I'm sharing all my discoveries here, so that you won't have to make the same mistakes (or so that you can suggest methods that would make my work easier!).
In addition to being a comic creator, I'm also an illustrator and pop artist. My focus has been to feature my art locally in central North Carolina. I've done solo shows in Durham and Holly Springs and have contributed to group shows throughout NC.  I regularly set-up at indoor and outdoor festivals across the state as my primary goal as an artist is to make my work available to a wide variety of people.
Please note that none of my articles have comments available on this web site. This isn't to discourage discussion, but rather to keep out the trolls and comment bots. I encourage everyone to email me comments via my contact form (located at the bottom of all pages of this web site) or tag me in your discussions via social media and I will post it onto this blog.
You can find me at:
@ljamal on Twitter
@ljamalprod (art page) or @ljamal (personal) on Facebook
@ljamalwalton on Instragram

Welcome to the first of a series of articles where I plan to share:

Tips: these articles will include tips and tricks that I have learned over that last decade as an artist, including information on the publication, production, and selling, of comics and art.

Art and Artists: art that I'm working on (works in progress and finished pieces), as well as artists that I follow.

Odds and Ends: a catch all for whatever happens to be interesting to me at the moment, but doesn't fall into the previous groups.

There is a RSS feed that you can follow, so that you will know when new articles have been added, or older articles updated.