My Computer Set-up: Software

  • 5 Feb 2018
As I mentioned in the previous post where I provided an explanation of my computer hardware, most of my work is produced on the computer so to create that work, I mainly use four software programs.
Wordpad is a free rich text editor that ships with all versions of Windows. It’s not fancy; it’s simple and has basically remained the same since I started using it. I use it for scripts for myself and for others. I always save my scripts as RTF (.rtf) files as it’s a file that is easily readable by Macs and PCs while maintaining bold, italics, and basic formatting without the need of pricier software packages.
Adobe Photoshop
When it comes to creating the drawings from sketch to final colors, Photoshop is what I’ve been using since Photoshop 5.5. Currently, I’m using the CS4 versions as they do everything that I need and work with my chosen operating system (Windows 10). I’m very much a creature of habit, so I’m not likely changing anything until I’m forced to. The only reason that I’m using CS4 is because my previous version (Photoshop 7) no longer worked with my operating system (Windows Vista), so that forced me to upgrade. I upgraded to CS2 via a license provided to me by my boss. After leaving that job, I purchased a version of CS4 because it was the cheapest version available that was not the new Creative Cloud Edition. I purchased the Master Edition, which includes all the Adobe products, on eBay for around $250.
Note: I upgraded to Windows Vista in 2009. Prior to that, I’ve been using Windows NT workstation and/or server edition since 1997. If it ain’t broke, I’m not fixing it.
Adobe Illustrator
My story for Illustrator is pretty much the same as my story for Photoshop except that it was Illustrator 11 that I used until upgrading to CS2. Illustrator is where I do all my comic book lettering and where I start all the vector-based art work (My Kirby Project and Six from 306, for example).
Adobe Acrobat
The final Adobe product in my arsenal is Acrobat. The CS4 Master Collection came with Acrobat Pro 9, so I’ve incorporated it for use in compiling multiple PDFs into a single PDF file.

This really is it for software for making my art and books. At some point (since I have CS Master Collection), I will transition to using Indesign for books. As I mentioned before, the Master collection cost me $250 o n eBay so that’s about 3 months of the Creative cloud monthly plan (or 5 months of the annual plan paid monthly) for the same software. CS4, 5 and 6 versions are available on eBay in a similar price range.