Previews: February 2018

  • 5 Mar 2018

Captain America #700
Page 5 Marvel Previews $5.99 Marvel
To celebrate 700 issues of Captain America, Marvel is freezing him and sending him into the future to rebuild civilization and rule as … King Captain America? This is Chris Samnee’s last issue of Captain America, but Mark Waid continues beyond issue 700 as the writer in the new story setting. Looking ahead there will be interior art by Adam Hughes, Chris Sprouse, and Howard Chaykin.

Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt – Deluxe Edition HC

Page 85 Marvel Previews $39.99 Marvel
I already own the previous version of the Kraven’s Last Hunt hardcover. I believe it was part of Marvel’s Premiere Hardcover branded books. That collection collected the issues containing the main story line and penciled art by Mike Zeck. It was around 160 pages. This new collection is 400 pages, which includes the main story as well as related stories from eight other comics. Kraven’s Last Hunt is one of my favorite story lines and Kraven the Hunter is one of my favorite Spidey villains. I’m looking forward to adding this to my reading pile and adding the previous hardcover to my lending stack.

Color Your Own Deadpool Again!

Page 90 Marvel Previews $9.99 Marvel
I keep seeing this advertised as having a Rob Liefeld cover. This is not a Rob Liefeld cover. My best guess is that the penciled art is by Steve Skroce, but don’t quote me on that. It’s definitely not Rob Liefeld.

Black Panther Book 5: Avenger of the New World Part 2 TPB
Page 97 Marvel Previews $19.99 Marvel
I’m currently working my way through Ta-Hesi Coates’ run on Black Panther. I’ve finished the first three collected volumes and I’m eagerly anticipating reading the beginning of the Avengers of the New World in Volume 4. I haven’t looked forward to Black Panther this much since the Christopher Priest Marvel Knights run.

Moebius Library: Inside Moebius Part 2 HC

Page 62 Previews $39.99 Dark Horse
Moebius (Jean Giruad) was a master of the comic book medium. His work crosses multiple genres. I already have the Edena collections of the Moebius Library, so I’ll continue purchasing this series of books (as well as continuing my French studies).

Empowered & Sistah Spooky’s High School Hell #5 (of 6)
Page 71 Previews $3.99 Dark Horse
Empowered and the Soldier of Love
Page 71 Previews $17.99 Dark Horse
The Sistah Spooky Empowered series continues its march toward a collection as the most recent mini series (Soldier of Love) is collected. I’m a fan of Adam Warren’s writing and art, so I’m looking forward to the next Empowered graphic novel drawn by him.

Batman: White Knight #7

Page 97 Previews $3.99 DC Comics
[IMAGE] I hope that there is a collected version of Batman: White Knight that features not only the black and white art of Sean Murphy but also the unaltered panels from the book. Of course, I hope that this is a hardcover.

Mister Miracle #8
Page 115 Previews $3.99 DC Comics

Astro City #52
Page 149 Previews $3.99 DC Comics/ Vertigo
This is the final issue of the Astro City series. This series is transitioning from single issue comics to graphic novel format. OGNs are my preferred method of reading comics, so I hope that this doesn’t mean less support for Astro City stories.

Isola #1
Page 200 Previews $3.99 Image Comics
Karl Kerschl really caught my attention with his web comic work on The Abominable Charles Christopher. His art and the coloring by Msassyk invokes the look from Studio Ghibli films such as Princess Monoke.

Fear Agent: Final Edition, Vol. 1 TP
Page 209 Previews $19.99 Image Comics
I followed this series during it’s original run at Image and it saddens me to admit that I don’t have the Library Editions. The second volume of the library edition is now hard to find and well beyond the price that I’m willing to pay for it. I’m glad to see Fear Agent back on the shelves in a format that I can afford.

I Hate Fairyland #18
Page 228 Previews $3.99 Image Comics
Saga #51
Page 239 Previews $2.99 Image Comics
Savage Dragon #233
Page 240 Previews $3.99 Image Comics

The Walking Dead #178
Page 245 Previews $3.99 Image Comics

I Hate Fairyland, Saga, Savage Dragon, and The Walking Dead are my must buy comics. The Walking Dead and Saga in collected format. The other 2 in every format.

Savage Dragon: Merging of Multiple Earths TP
Page 240 Previews $19.99 Image Comics
The most recent completed Savage Dragon story arc has Dragon in jail, Malcolm as a cop, and President Trump. The end of the story arc established the new status quo for the book. The greatest thing about this book is that the characters change over time. As long as Larsen is working on this title, I’ll be buying it.

Cerebus Volume 10: Minds TP (Remastered Edition)
Page 256 Previews $30.00 Aardvark-Vanaheim
Strangers in Paradise XXV #3
Page 256 Previews $3.99 Abstract Studios
Motor Girl Volume 2: No Man Left behind TP
Page 256 Previews $15.99 Abstract Studios
This page features most of the long time indie creators that I will always follow. I love that these projects are also black and white. The Cerebus remasters look great and I’m glad to see them continue to hit the shelf. Terry Moore is back collecting the recent completed Motor Girl and is continuing Strangers in Paradise in it’s 25th year.

Black Vol. 1 Hardcover Edition
Page 303 Previews $34.99 Black Mask
I supported Black as a Kickstarter project. Honestly, I’m a bit upset that the Kickstarter did not have a hardcover edition, so I will not be supporting it by buying this hardcover edition. If you’re looking for a hardcover edition, there is also a Local Comic Shop Day (LCSD) Edition that you can purchase now through local shops that still have it or via eBay.

Swashbucklers: The Saga Continues
Page 338 Previews $3.99 Dynamite
The release of this sequel series in April gives me about a month to read the Kickstarter collected edition of Swords of the Swashbuckler. The interior art by Andrea Mutti looks good, so I hope the story lives up to the original.

High Noon Volume 1: Bullet Holes and Bite Marks HC
Page 409 Previews $24.99 Papercutz
High Noon Volume 2: Wicked Ways HC
Page 409 Previews $24.99 Papercutz
High Noon started at DC Comics and was printed in landscape format in its Zuda Comics line. Papercutz has released hardcover versions Gallaher and Ellis’s The Only Living Boy web comic series, so I expect to see the same quality in these hardcovers.