101: Ignorance Is Strength : My Curse Is to Choke On Your Secrets

Trent Kaniuga’s Creed is one of my largest influences. For a long time, my style was his style as I looked to Creed for ways to improve my art. Over the years, Kaniuga has become a much stronger artist and a much stronger storyteller. Occasionally, I still look to his work to inform mine.

Dave Sim’s work on Cerebus is what drives me to work on Ungoodwise. I make no secret that Ungoodwise sat for years because  I thought that I wasn’t good enough to tell the story. I still don’t think I’m good enough to tell the story, but Dave Sim has thought me that I’ll never think that I’m good enough and that I just need to put in the work to become good enough.

I’m sure there will be many references to these 2 over the years that are less overt than these.

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